Working With Me


To get amazing results, I believe you have to connect with people and get them to let their guard down if only for a moment. When that happens, the camera can capture something beautiful. Few people really like posing for a photo and usually need help looking natural in front of the camera. That’s where having a photographer who understands this can make a huge difference to the results. My process contains the following:


Whenever possible I meet with my client for a brainstorming session. First, we get to know each other, and the client shares what they are looking for. I take the time to get the client to open up and reveal what kind of shots they want, and why. We discuss things like message, style, props, location, clothes, make-up and hair. Together, we envision how the photos will look.


I make a plan in order for everyone to be fully prepared for our session, including makeup and hair support. This sometimes includes reservations or special considerations for the day of the shoot. My goal is to be completely prepared, so everyone is relaxed and ready to have a good time.

The Photo Shoot

On the day of the shoot, we take the shots discussed, but I also look for those fun, impromptu moments “between shots”. I suggest activities that will help the client relax and express themselves. I always enjoy working with my clients and trying something new and fresh.

Select and Display

Once the photo shoot is over and I have created a gallery of quality images, my clients select their favorites. Helping them choose which images to print saves my clients time and hassle. I especially like to show samples of albums and wall collages so they can see how good their photos look in different formats. I have found that this really helps them with what can otherwise feel like a daunting task.

A Photoshoot Showcase

Personal Expressions

Maya_Boudoir_V2_Port_-8357As a photographer, I am always delighted to work with clients who are not afraid to step out of the norm to create shots that are unique and beautiful.

Before my boudoir photo session with Maya was scheduled, we had a phone conversation as well as an in person consultation to determine the ultimate result she was hoping to get from being photographed. We also went through the wardrobe possibilities. Being clear about the purpose of the photos and carefully choosing her lingerie helped Maya get more excited about the boudoir shoot and helped me generate a creative vision for the session.

An in studio hair and makeup artist is included, to pamper the client, and help her look and feel her best. When Maya arrived, I offered her some tea, cucumber water and light snacks. We cranked up the music, kept focused on who these pictures were for, and just had a lot of fun creating beautiful images. I talked Maya through each pose in order to get the best results. Unless you are a paid model, I do not expect posing to come naturally to anyone.

Maya_Boudoir_V1_Port1_-8508Although most women feel somewhat vulnerable in front of a camera, it can be particularly daunting when wearing minimal clothing, which is why I preferred to meet with Maya before the day of the shoot to establish a level of trust and comfort. Even Maya, who has an amazing figure by anyone’s standards, had her own perceived flaws. I showed her several images through the camera as our session progressed, which allowed her to get excited about what I was capturing and alleviate any fears.

Our time flew by very quickly (as it always does when I have a camera in my hand) and we were both excited about getting together again at the upcoming review session, where she would select her favorite images. At that time, we discussed the various ways Maya could display her photos, and fun ways the images could be delivered to her boyfriend. She ended up with a beautiful album and one very happy boyfriend!