I am a San Jose boudoir photographer who loves to capture the true spirit of each individual in the photos I take. I create a comfortable, often playful environment to help put you at ease and allow your best side to shine through. Everyone can have a photogenic moment, including you!

Boudoir Reflections

I believe it is important to live the most genuine life you can. It is when you share your authentic self with others that you will be happiest, and attract people into your life that will ultimately love and support you. This can be difficult to do when fear gets in the way. My boudoir photography sessions are about creating an environment where the client knows they are in a judge free zone and safe enough to express a part of themselves that may have been forgotten or hidden. Our sensuality is a side that often gets neglected for various reasons, but is a large part of who we are as human beings. My boudoir sessions are about the experience of letting go of your everyday responsibilities for a few hours, and reconnecting with your sensual, playful side. You can choose to use this experience and the resulting images to put a spark in your current relationship, or just savor it all for yourself and leave feeling empowered with a new sense of self.

Watch How Relaxing & Fun A Boudoir Photo Shoot Can Be

“Photography is the beauty of life captured.”
Tara Chisholm


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